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Diesel Injection Service in South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Fuel injection systems directly relate to diesel engine performance and operation!

Contact SDS Diesel in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne if your 4WD or truck is experiencing starting problems or poor performance.

Troubleshooting Your Vehicle’s Fuel Injection System

At the heart of every diesel engine is a fuel injection system that feeds fuel to the engine, regulates fuel quantity, adjusts injection timing and atomises the fuel to improve ignition. If the injection line breaks or a component becomes defective, the engine’s power and efficiency can be dramatically reduced.

At SDS Diesel, we apply years of accumulated diesel engine knowledge to troubleshoot, evaluate and repair fuel injection systems. Count on us to troubleshoot your fuel system malfunctions.

We can diagnose and repair all types of diesel fuel systems


Diesel Injection Service South Eastern Suburbs Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula

Is your diesel automobile consuming too much fuel?

Diesel Injection Service Gippsland

More About Our Services

All major fuel injection systems consist of pumps, fuel nozzles, fuel injectors and other components. We have years of experience in inspecting and diagnosing engines to ensure they are running smoothly.

Contact us if your vehicle is experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Engine surges at idle
  • Low power
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Fog-like exhaust in full-load range

We can disassemble, test and reassemble any fuel injection component.

Keep your diesel engine performing at maximum power and efficiency


We can fix:

Blocked or restricted injection lines
Loose connections
Defective diesel pumps
Defective injection nozzles

Problems with the performance of your diesel truck or 4WD?

Look no further than the experts at SDS Diesel! We can inspect, maintain and repair any type of diesel engine.

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